Why “Legal Representation for Immigrants”?

Legal representation for immigrants is necessary because the U.S. Immigration status of non-citizens can affect every aspect of their lives. Non-citizens face a multitude of restrictions and diminished rights that U.S. citizens aren’t exposed to. These include; starting and running businesses, buying real estate, receiving workers’ compensation benefits, litigating for personal injury matters, asserting their rights in criminal defense, protection in family matters, and even the ability to travel internationally.

Having continued to represent individuals and businesses in U.S. Immigration and related matters for over 21 years, Cella & Associates, LLC has the legal knowledge necessary to assist our immigrants in their Immigration or related legal matters. We possess superior language and technical abilities to represent our immigrant and international clientele effectively and efficiently.

Cella & Associates, LLC strives to provide the finest legal representation in immigration and removal/deportation matters such as Working Visas, Investment Petitions, Family and Employment-Based permanent residence petitions (green cards), Political Asylum, Waivers, International Adoptions, International Child Abduction and Custody.

In the states of New York and New Jersey, our Attorneys also provide legal services in related legal state matters such as  criminal defense, personal injury, workers’ compensation, business law and asset protection.

Contact Cella & Associates, LLC today for an in person, telephonic, or video consultation regarding your immigration or related legal matter.

Clients Are Saying…

"My lawyer.. my angel"

"A week ago I was in New Jersey and I had the opportunity to meet Stephanie Cangialosi, a lawyer who works in Cella Associates. She took my case because seven months ago, my son's father left my country, Peru, taking with him my baby, with false documents to the United States. After meeting her, I realized that there is divine justice and God put in my way to this professional in every sense of the word. I was able to check their identification and full dedication to my case, working without sparing the time, as if she was really going through my suffering. Now I thank heaven for having this angel on my way. I'm pretty sure she will recover and bring my baby back to my country, again."

Jenny M. O., an International Child Abduction/Custody Client – Arequipa, Peru

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