U.S. Citizenship

Issues of citizenship seem simple, but can be surprisingly complex. If you meet certain requirements, you may be eligible for U.S. citizenship at birth or later in your life. Cella & Associates has helped many people become U.S. Citizens and as well as with other issues of U.S. Citizenship, naturalization, and dual citizenship.

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The Naturalization Test:

Most naturalization applicants are required to take a test on English and Civics (U.S. History and Government). Few applicants are allowed to bypass the testing requirement. The criteria to bypass the testing requirement is as follows:

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Citizenship for Military Members and Dependents:

Members and veterans of the U.S. armed forces and their dependents may be eligible for special naturalization provisions.

Dual Citizenship:

There are instances where a person desires to have citizenship of two countries. For example, a U.S. citizen may acquire foreign citizenship through marriage, or a person naturalized as a U.S. citizen may have a citizenship in another country prior to naturalization.

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